Welcome to The ComputerWorks of Athens
Since 1996 we have provided professional PC repair services to businesses and homeowners alike in McMinn County. From virus removal to data backup we provide courteous, quick service with a smile. We are proud to announce the addition of remote access support for the convenience of our valued clients. There are no dumb questions so please feel free to call us at: 423-746-0930.

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We will locate and remove any spyware or virus on your computer. We also set you up with the latest and best virus and spyware protections before you leave our shop. We can also remove spyware and virus remotely...

Viruses and spyware are causing an epidemic of infected computers. These rogue programs not only slow and cripple computers but can relay personal information to hackers and thieves. The ComputerWorks is highly experienced in the removal and prevention of viruses and spyware. Twenty years of in-the-field experience can be put to work for you by calling 423-746-0930 to discuss your needs. There are no silly questions and there is too much at stake so do not hesitate to speak with one of our friendly, courteous technicians.