There are three ways to take advantage of our services and expertise.

1. Bring your computer, laptop or other device into our location at 724A Congress Pkwy South in Athens for a free estimate.

2. Call us to schedule on onsite appointment at your home or business. A friendly, knowledgeable technician will be dispatched to get you back up and running.

3. If you are connected to the internet and have a broadband connection ( Cable, DSL or satellite) we can direct you through some simple steps that allow us control your computer from our offices as if we were sitting in your living room.

Please call us at 423-746-0930 to discuss what would work best for you.

We will locate and remove any spyware or virus on your computer. We also set you up with the latest and best virus and spyware protections before you leave our shop. We can also remove spyware and virus remotely...

Read More About Virus and Spyware Removal.


Service: Remote Access
We offer our customers a choice to be able to log into their machines to fix minor issues with their computers.

Service: In Store for free Estimate
If you bring in your machine or item we offer free estimates. We will always call with a quote for approval before we do any work
Service: Onsite Service
For Business and Residential. We can do home or business visit for a minimium charge.